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cPanel account migration knowledgebase

How to migrate your website using cPanel

Please note that restoring a cPanel account wipes out the files currently loaded on that account. Additionally, it is not possible to restore multiple cPanel backups to a shared server account. A shared server account can only hold one cPanel account at a time.

This article will assist you with migrating your website from another hosting server that uses cPanel to a CCIHosting cPanel account.


Evaluate your Site


If your previous hosting server uses cPanel, the website migration process will be much easier than if not. CCIHosting uses cPanel, and cPanel includes an excellent backup tool that will backup your entire account (including website files, emails, and databases). If you're cPanel account is under 3GB, please continue reading to learn more. If your account is over 3GB in size you will require a paid support order to get assitance on the migration as it will require manual intervention from our support team.

You can find your cPanel account size by logging into your cPanel and looking in the left menu under "Disk Space Usage".


Generate a cPanel Backup


To generate a cPanel backup, follow the steps in this video tutorial: How to backup your website in cPanel


Download your cPanel Backup


After you have generated a backup, download the backup file to your desktop using FTP.


Upload your cPanel Backup to your CCIHosting account


Using FTP, upload the cPanel Backup to your CCIHosting account.


Restoring the cPanel Backup


How to Restore the Individual cPanel Account via SSH?

To restore the cPanel account backups, enter the following command


/scripts/restorepkg username


Note: In order to restore the data, you need to be in the directory where the backup file is stored.

How to Restore the Individual cPanel Account in Shared Hosting if you do not have SSH access?

After you have uploaded your cPanel Backup, email and request that we restore this backup for you.

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