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Sending newsletters can be tricky. For example, you have to filter the fake and inactive email addresses so that it does not negatively affect your sending reputation. Likewise, you need to have a proven way for curating a mailing list targeting a specific audience and keep your email newsletters safe from falling into spam folders.  Hence, you need to get in touch with an expert for proper handling of the sublime nuances that will make your email marketing campaign free from maladies.

Our Newsletter sending service offers:

  • Improved deliverability:It is desirable that your newsletters reach the intended inbox without any failure. is offering you a reliable platform for email marketing that is more than capable of ensuring that each email newsletters, and email communication reach  out to the intended destination without landing into troublesome issues like spam or bounces.

  • Full Automation:  When you automate your email marketing campaign, it implies that you have to devoteminimum time manually for dispatching newsletters or collating an email list. Thus, you can reserve more time for the criticalbusiness aspects.

  • Effortless scalability: offers you scalable solutions for marketing automation irrespective of the size of your business featuring a service level that is free to start with.

  • Efficientemail analytical tools: We will provide you an intuitive UI for your inbox such as Google analaytics.

  • Clear performance stats: You do not have to spend hours analyzing your newsletter’s KPI report.  You will have convenient access to all the important stats clearly laid out. If you have any doubt about the performance of your campaign then our email-marketing specialist is always there to help you out.

  • Audience segmentation: You have the option of targeting different subscriber list complementing the objective of each campaign.  It is ideal for A/B testing.

  • Real-time phone support, live chat,and email support. If you are having any queries then our customer service team will provide you all the necessary assistance.

At, we are more than capable of handling email newsletters but there is more to it.  With single email marketing software, you can automate all of your transactional, acquisition, retention, and newsletter emails.

A trusted platform for email marketing is a necessity

Marketing professionals are of the opinion that email marketing campaigns are very effective for opening up new fronts and in generating surplus revenue. In terms of efficiency, they are more lethal in comparison to social media. When you have a mailing list that is fine-tuned to feature well-targeted and active email addresses it can become one of the most rewarding marketing tools in your hand.

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