Load balancing HTTP Servers

This document explains a method to do load balancing of server to provide failover for high availability setup or load sharing.

The following diagram illustrate the method implemented.
CCIHosting - Load Balancer setup

This method will provide fault tolerant HTTP servers connected to a single MySQL/MariaDB server. The load balancing will be provided by a shared load balancer with firewall capabilities.

For this setup you will need the following services with us:

- 2 Dedicated Servers with WHM/cPanel control panel for running the websites and Firewall Protected VLAN.
- 1 Dedicated Servers for MySQL database. Optionally you may add WHM/CPanel for easier administration and backups.
- Paid Support for the Setup. Contact Sales Department to review setup.

In this setup the HTTP/HTTPS traffic will be shared between 2 dedicated servers connected to the same MySQL/MaridaDB database on an external server. Having the exteral server for the database will improve performance compared on having database server in the web server. The setup is faultolerant at HTTP/HTTPS level. If one of the server crash or become unresponsive the other HTTP/HTTPS server will process the traffic while our team can check the damaged server while your website is still available. In shared load balancer, each server will support a maximum of 3000 concurrent TCP sessions.

The setup works well for wordpress websites, forums, and other service that requires high availability as part of their operations.

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