How the domain transfer process works

Here is an outline of the transfer process. (For .com, .net, .org, .info domains)

Note: if your domain has recently been registered or has recently expired you will not be able to transfer. Here is a list of reasons a transfer may fail or be pending.

  1. An authorization code (sometimes called an EPP code) is obtained from the current registrar and given to the new registrar which you are transferring to. The Authorization code is needed to initiate the transfer process.
  2. The domain is unlocked at the current registrar. The domain must be unlocked to initiate the transfer process.
  3. The new registrar initiates a transfer request and an email is automatically sent to the administrative contact of the domain. This email contains a link which when clicked, goes to a page where you can accept or reject the transfer. The link in the email must be clicked and the transfer approved before the transfer can proceed. If you have private registration you must disable it or you will not recieve the email asking you to approve the transfer.
  4. At this point the transfer will proceed without further action. Some registrars provide an option to accept or reject the transfer on the loosing registrar side. This can speed up the process as the domain will be transferred right away if you approve the transfer. Otherwise there may be a waiting period of up to five days after which the domain will automatically transfer.
While you are waiting for the transfer to go through you can point the domain to your new host by changing the nameservers. This way you will be able to see your website at the new host before the transfer actually takes place.
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