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anonymous domain registration

Anonymous Domain Registration

Anonymous domain registration keeps your personal information such as your name, home address, phone number and email address out of the public eye.

We will register your domain under our Domain Trust. Even though Cyber Cast Intl is the Registrant, you will be able to control the domain. You retain the full benefits of domain name registration and retain the right to:

  • Cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain
  • Set up the name servers for your domain

More importantly, with your anoymous domain registration service, A proxy company name, address and phone number are made publicly available in the WHOIS directory while protecting private information.

What domain do you want to register? All starts here.

Pricing Table

Standard Registration Anonymous Registration Minimum Term
.com 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.net 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.org 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.biz 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.info 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.ws 25 USD 35 USD 1 Year
.com.pa 99.50 USD 99.50 USD 2 Year
.name 37 USD 47 USD 1 Year
.cc 50 USD 60 USD 1 Year
.bz 60 USD 70 USD 1 Year
Domain Transfer 35 USD 35 USD 1 Year

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Payment Options

What else do I need to know?

How do I know my identity is protected?

You know your identity is protected because your personal information is not published in the WHOIS database. Instead, CCI Private Domain Trust name, address and phone number are made publicly available. You stop all spammers, scammers, and prying eyes and prevent exposure to spam, fraud, or possible identity theft. We won't reveal your identity unless required by law or if you breach our CCIhosting.com Service Agreement.

What extensions can I privately register?

Currently, private registration services only extend to the following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info.

Must I provide valid contact information for a private domain registration?

Yes. When you purchase a domain name you must include accurate contact information. Any contact information provided will be protected by our Privacy Policy. Domains paid by credit card are require to fill and sign a credit card authorization form before domain activation.

How soon my new domain will be available?

All orders are manually reviewed and authorized before activation. Approved domains will be acticated within 24 hours after payment verification.

Can I pay my domain with bitcoin?

Bitcoin domain registration orders are processed by Coinbase gateway and after 3 node verification your domain is ready for activation. Bitcoin domain registration is a secure way to register your website’s domain name.

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